America the Beautiful

We’re back from our “glamping” vacation! We made our way to Estes, Colorado, and took in the sights of Estes Park. I had always heard of the Stanley Hotel but had no idea it was the home of the movie The Shining.

Next day it was on to Yellowstone. It was absolutely stunning. We saw elk, deer, buffalo, swans (yes there is a lake that is home to many swans) and tons of other wildlife on the east side of the park. It was majestic and breathtaking and in the quiet of nature, you are completely taken back to understanding just how wonderful and beautiful our country is.

The second day we made our way through the west side of the park and saw a completely different type of scenery…but no less spectacular. And of course one of the stops was Old Faithful!!!

We had to cross the Badlands to get to Rapid City, South Dakota. On the way there we stopped off at Devil’s Tower. It’s like nothing I had seen before, rising up from the ground right before us. I became quite intrigued with learning about the prayer cloths and prayer pouches the Indian culture leaves wrapped or tied in the trees around Devil’s Tower. It was truly another magical and majestic place.

Having spent those two weeks touring around, I began to think about how we can be prone on occasion to taking what our country has to offer for granted. Everyone has a “bucket list” and more often than not, that list contains far, far away destinations. I’ve been guilty of saying while traveling abroad, “There’s so much more history here than in America.” And while yes, that history there might be much older than the history we have in America, our history here is no less spectacular and no less worthy of viewing.

I made the comment more than once to Wayne, when seeing families in the RV resorts or seeing them in the national parks, what a wonderful way to educate children. Take a year, or if that’s not an option, take a couple of weeks and share our beautiful country with your children. Teach them the history behind what makes this country so great.

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