Wayne and I are very passionate about dog rescue and raising awareness about puppy mills. We have been wanting to visit National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado for several years. But nothing could have prepared me for the flood of emotions that swelled through me while we were there.

To finally see firsthand the scope of what this organization does for so many mill dogs and to see the pups in a clean, safe healthy environment was a bit overwhelming. To bend down to each of those kennels and to look into those little pups’ eyes, you could almost sense they were confused. I say confused because they are now learning about trust, love and kind human contact of which they have never known.

So we decided right then and there that we should use the power of music to bring people out to see the rescue up close and personal. Much to our pleasure, we held a wonderful benefit concert for the National Mill Dog Rescue on August 14. It was a day filled with educating the public on the horrors of puppy mills, along with fabulous music, meeting a lot of new people, and playing with all of the pups!

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