Cheers To 16 Years And Counting

Somewhere along my path, I discovered the vodka gimlet. It quickly became my cocktail of choice when not having wine. I think one of the reasons I grew to adore this beverage is due to the glamorous glasses it’s always served in. When I was younger, I felt rather “fancy” holding a beautifully colored gimlet in a frosted martini glass or classic coupe glass.

It then is no surprise that if I’m not toasting a special occasion with a glass of wine, I am toasting with a vodka gimlet and that’s exactly what Wayne and I chose to toast our anniversary.

Over these 16 years, our bond and our love for one another has grown to be much like the cavernous roots of an ancient tree held high in the air. I believe both Wayne and I are a smidgen surprised that 16 years later we are still in the thick of this crazy lifestyle.  Surprised that the road is still the core of our lives. It’s certainly not the lifestyle for everyone and there are always choices and sacrifices that are made to accommodate tour dates, but without a doubt, I would not change one thing that has transpired over these years.

With my favorite cocktail in hand, I say, “Ad multis annos!” Cheers to many more years!




2oz vodka (I prefer Chopin)
1oz fresh squeezed lime juice

Add vodka and lime juice in a shaker filled with crushed ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

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